lørdag 18. februar 2012

First Time Flatcoat Owner

by Ian Sexton

Here first time Flatcoat owner Ian Sexton shares with us his thoughts and realisations of life with a young Flatcoat puppy. Hope you find this as hilarious as I did – Editor
Ok as a new owner I think it is time I added my thoughts.....................
  • First you need new walking boots because you soon discover your old ones have holes especially when you are dragging the black thing out of the water as its trying to retrieve the local Canadian geese.
  • Your bathroom is permanently damp because the shower is on every day because you are washing the BB because its rolled in something unmentionable that some other animal has relieved itself of.
  • You need lots of arnica cream because your legs are constantly bruised where he runs into you when he is chasing whatever he fancies.
  • You need a physio to see to your strained shoulder through constantly throwing balls, ropes, or trying to drag whatever out of his mouth that he thinks is his.
  • You need new carpets because you are constantly walking round the house because if you stop he is clamped round your leg humping you for all he's worth.
  • You need arms like a damn magician because you have your arm right down his throat retrieving socks, shoes, toys or the cat as he desperately tries to swallow it before you can get it.
But after saying all this they are a wonderful breed and have a wonderful sense of humour , I wish I had discovered them years ago or do I ? LOL
Ian and Puppy “Ash”

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